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Why do more white men date Asian women

There's an outbreak going on which is affecting a lot of Caucasian men. They are all catching what is called yellow fever. This is not a disease or an illness though. Rather, it's what you call white men who are crazy about Asian women. Currently, dating sites which offer to connect white males with Asian

Why Chinese women don’t shave their body hair

With so many people posting photos and videos of themselves and others online, all manner of things are revealed. As the viewer watches the images, he or she becomes aware of certain things. Pictures and videos of Asian or Chinese women online tend to reveal something. That is that many of them don't shave their

Myths American Men Have About Asian Women =

White American men love dating and marrying Asian women. Presently, the web is full of sites focusing on helping American males find Asian female partners. Plus, there are countless of ads on sites such as Craigslist from those "looking for Asian females". This type of obsession from males about Asian women has been going for