Myths American Men Have About Asian Women =

White American men love dating and marrying Asian women. Presently, the web is full of sites focusing on helping American males find Asian female partners. Plus, there are countless of ads on sites such as Craigslist from those “looking for Asian females”. This type of obsession from males about Asian women has been going for quite some time. There’s even a name for American men who have a thing for Asian women. It is called having “yellow fever.”

Nonetheless, most of the reasons why American males are intent on dating and even marrying Asian women are based on myths. In part, it is because too many people have bought into the prejudgments about Asian women. These preconceptions come from history books, movie portrayals and stereotypes. Yet the truth is that Asian women of today are not that different from American women or other females across the world.

One myth people believe in is that Asian girls are these sweet and submissive females they see characterized in movies, adult videos and books. They also have a belief that they are innocent and naive. In their minds, they think Asian women will willingly and happily play the role of servants. However, that is not the case as many males who date and marry Asian women soon find out. What they find is that Asian women often have raging temperaments and are controlling. The irony is that Asian women believe that American males are naive and easy to handle.

Another myth is that Asian women love sex and want it all the time. More importantly, having sex with them is easy since they will gladly conform and serve. The only way this is true is if the person pays for the sex. Other than that, Asian women are just like any other females when it comes to having sexual relations. A lot of people also have a misconception about Asian females making perfect wives. This belief comes from thinking they will serve men hand and foot. And that they have excellent family values. Yet when it comes to the Asian women of today, that is also often not the case.

American males also believe that Asian girls see them as a ticket or way to a better life. At the same time, women of Asia presume that in some way. But, once the two meet and date, they come to find the realities of western living. That although financial situations are better in America, it doesn’t ┬ámean their lives will be free of economic problems.

Until people all over stop believing in the myths they see on videos and movies regarding Asian women, this will continue. They need to realize that Asian women of today, are just like any and all other women. The only difference are the misconceptions attached to their Asian ethnicity.