Why Chinese women don’t shave their body hair

With so many people posting photos and videos of themselves and others online, all manner of things are revealed. As the viewer watches the images, he or she becomes aware of certain things. Pictures and videos of Asian or Chinese women online tend to reveal something. That is that many of them don’t shave their body hair. You also have a great deal of adult websites where Asian porn can be found. In most of them, the Chinese women can be seen fully naked. However, unlike other women, they often have a lot of pubic hair.

This brings up a question that is often asked about them. Why is it that Chinese or Asian women don’t shave their body hair? Why, unlike most females around the world, do they choose not to shave their private areas? One of the very first responses you will hear from Chinese women and men about this is because of their culture. For them, they view women shaving their body hair as something from Western heritage. The Chinese are people which are very much into their cultural roots. Anything that bucks the norm, can be seen as going against it.

Women who shave are quickly portrayed as being too refined by Western values or beliefs. At the same time, it is also a matter of how they live. Western women tend to live more exquisitely than Chinese females. After all, shaving regularly requires a lot of work, time and money. The many different products and items sold to women specifically for shaving their body hair are proof of this. Being groomed all the time means you have to purchase shaving lotions, razors and other items.

Shaving regularly is the same as a diet or habit you pick up. Once you start doing it, you have to continue. Otherwise, stopping it can result in unpleasant experiences. When people begin to shave and let their hair grow back, it eventually begins to itch. Unless they continue to let it grow, ignore it or shave it, the unpleasantness intensifies. This is something men and women recognize and understand. The same rules apply when shaving any body parts. But, when it comes to a woman’s private area, the irritation is heightened.

Asian and Chinese women also live in a region where being seen unshaven in public is still acceptable. To them, seeing someone with or without hair is pretty much the same. In those regions, the emphasis on what is beautiful, ugly or nasty is not as strong as in Western cultures. In the end, the question about why Chinese women don’t shave their hair can be two-fold. Alternatively, Asian men and women could ask western countries why they have made shaving body parts, a ritual in their culture at all.