Why do more white men date Asian women

There’s an outbreak going on which is affecting a lot of Caucasian men. They are all catching what is called yellow fever. This is not a disease or an illness though. Rather, it’s what you call white men who are crazy about Asian women. Currently, dating sites which offer to connect white males with Asian women abound. Their mission is to help these men find the perfect Asian bride or girlfriend. The fever or obsession men have about women of Asian descent is also obvious in adult sites. Categories dealing with women from Asia are generally at the top. Porn videos of Asian women are also among the most viewed in adult sites.

But why exactly are so many white men dating Asian women? What is the driving force which makes so many males catch yellow fever? The reasons behind this rise can be attributed to several factors. For one, there is the high amount of free Asian related porn videos found online. Today, there are more Asian pornstars than ever before. You also have the hentai genre which is very popular in games and porn. The female characters depicted in hentai movies are often of Asian descent. They all have beautiful, innocent looking faces. More importantly, they have voluptuous body parts and love sex.

White men and males all over the world, often have fetishes or fantasies about Asian women. This is all connected to the countless amount of pornography found about Asian girls. After all, they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They have great bodies and perfectly firm boobs. Another reason is based on the many myths out there about Asian women. Most people believe that Asian girls are sweet, doting and innocent. Their preconceptions are that these women will be submissive. All of that has to do with what they have seen in movies and read in books about Asian women. In most scenarios, the Asian girls are portrayed as sub-servant and compliant companions.

Additionally, American men are tired and not fond of white women’s being so independent. In their eyes, they see them as being too headstrong and opinionated. Their Caucasian female counterparts place more emphasis on their careers, rather than family. Men dream of having the sweet, loving stay-at-home wife. She cooks, cleans and serves her husband or partner diligently. Consequently, these are all things men believe they will receive from Asian women.

Unfortunately, white men are in for a rude awakening once they date an Asian girl. Most of them are nothing like the stereotypes they have come to believe in. As it turns out, Asian women of today are pretty much the same as Caucasian females or any other woman. Nonetheless, that doesn’t seem to be stopping so many white men from catching yellow fever.